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Copy a song from a songbook by dragging notes, chords and other symbols to staff lines until you
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10 November 2005

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Copy a song from a songbook by dragging notes, chords and other symbols to staff lines until you have the same picture as in the songbook. Choose a style and a melody instrument and play. Computer aided music arranging was never so simple!
Plays 30 included styles or any other Yamaha compatible style. But can also be connected to any arranger keyboard and play the internal styles and melody voices of that keyboard. Prints sheet music. Live display with Karaoke and keyboard teaching. Plays ABC music files (hundreds of songs included, ready to play). Creates MIDI and Karaoke files.
For the finishing touch a complete MIDI file sequencer is included with pianoroll editing and mass editing. Add melodies using a MIDI keyboard or the virtual on screen keyboard. Record everything in wave audio files and create CD's.

User comments

Alan Sturgess
A really excellent and easy-to-use program for anyone who wants to create or transcribe melody lines. The easy addition of lyrics ensures that the `karaoke` element is strongly to the fore, but to see this only as a karaoke creator would be to completely misjudge the power of `Busker` as a creative tool.
By entering a melody line and muting it, or just by entering a sequence of musical rests, you can use `Busker` to create a rhythm and chord track against which to jam. The facility to import and use a wealth of styles in the standard .sty format really does make this a program to reckon with. It is easy to use (not quite intuitive, but not far off) and with one of the easiest note-entry methods I`ve ever encountered.
There are a few idiosyncracies, which is why I chose to give it 4 stars. As yet there is no `undo` function (that is a serious omission) and it is easy to create bars in which the total value of notes does not match the time signature. If too many notes are entered (eg: five quarter-notes in with 4/4 time siganture), only the first 4 notes will play. HOWEVER - it must be remebered that `Busker` was initially designed for people who want to transcribe from correctly notated sheet music and in this, `Busker` leaves all other software at the starting gate.
The added option to use a midi-keyboard and sequencer is a massive added bonus, even though there is no apparent way to cross-link the sequencer with the song arranger.
In effect, `Busker` seems to be two distinct programs inside one shell.
Amazing value, powerful and easy to use. The program can also be tried in demo form to see if you like it.
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